Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Review

Hyperbiotics Pro-15 is considered a powerful and efficient probiotic supplement released by Hyperbiotics, a company that develops probiotic formulas co-founded by Jamie Amaral, a gut health evangelist, and her team of probiotic specialists. At Hyperbiotics, they abide by established manufacturing principles. They incorporate an impressive store of friendly bacteria in uniquely formulated easy-to-swallow small capsules and provide ongoing probiotic supplies. Hyperbiotics Pro-15 is one of their newer products that already has a growing reputation for being one of the best quality probiotic supplements around. This Hyperbiotics PRO-15 review will help you take that crucial first step in your digestive and intestinal health recovery.

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Why you should buy Hyperbiotics Pro-15

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Probiotics help in the restoration of beneficial gut bacteria that may have weakened due to stress, antibiotics, deficient diet, aging, food poising, and infection or diarrhea. While there are many probiotic supplements out in the market today, why is Hyperbiotics PRO-15 an excellent choice for you?

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 accommodates some well-researched bacteria strains that include three main types: nine Lactobacillus (L) strains, four Bifidobacterium (B) strains and one Streptococcus (S) strain.

These strains are safe and can help in the treatment and prevention of multiple health problems. Hyperbiotics uses time-release technology that helps reduce side effects and distributes the bacteria actively but slowly past the rigid stomach environment with strong acids that could destroy them otherwise.

Furthermore, the product contains small pills that are all-natural; it’s also ideal for vegetarians since it has no sugar, soy, wheat, or other preservatives and chemicals added.

A Hyperbiotics PRO-15 bottle contains 60 pills that sells for a reasonable price. It has a longer shelf life and releases bacteria slower compared to other probiotic supplements.

How to Take Hyperbiotics PRO-15

There are many benefits of probiotics, and Hyperbiotics PRO-15 is one of those probiotic supplements you can count on to improve your overall digestive health and immune system. Since Hyperbiotics PRO-15 uses a time-release, it should be taken before breakfast on an empty stomach. This enables the good bacteria to enter your gut systems during the day. However, if you take the pill anytime, you’ll most likely achieve similar beneficial effects.

It’s recommended to take one pill per day. You can adjust the dose according to your doctor’s prescriptions, your conditions, or whatever your health goal may be. The recommended dosage for someone with an inflammatory condition or infection is three to seven pills per day (for only a short period of time). This can significantly improve the benefits along with a list of foods high in probiotics that supplements your probiotic intake.

In case, Hyperbiotics causes symptoms like gas, slight abdominal pain or other discomfort, just lower your dosage. These are harmless symptoms and usually are indications of the good bacteria cleansing out the toxins and harmful microorganisms inside your body.

Take a look at the pros and cons of Hyperbiotics PRO-15:

  • 100% natural (no additives)
  • 15 broad spectrum strains that include Gram-positive Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus
  • 5 billion colony-forming units per BIO-tract® tablet
  • Includes Kiwi extract, a whole food superfruit ingredient
  • Naturally derived prebiotic included in each tablet for enhanced potency and effectiveness
  • Promotes healthy ears, nose, sinus, and throat
  • Reduces oral health issues
  • Boosts mood and energy levels
  • Long shelf life (for 18 months – refrigeration not necessary)
  • Dosage is only once per day because of time-release technology
  • For sensitive stomach relief
  • Affordable pricing

  • May cause gas and bloating
  • May cause diarrhea
  • May lead to over-stimulation of the immune system


With Hyperbiotics Pro-15, you also get 15 times more beneficial results than most probiotic capsules. If you’re in a quest for optimal health, this Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Review shows you how you can live an easier, more healthy life through a Hyperbiotics product designed to promote wellness and daily relief from any digestive and intestinal discomfort.

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