What is Creatine Nitrate? Benefits, Pros & Cons

What is Creatine?

Before we move on and discuss Creatine nitrate, it will be worthwhile first to understand what creatine truly means and what is it made up of.  So for those of you who don’t know, creatine is a compound consisting of three amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins. Glycine and arginine are two out of three amino acids which creatine is made up of.

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Why is creatine so necessary when it comes to weight loss?

When you have to shed the excess weight which you must be carrying, you must have noticed you’re your gym trainer puts you on no carb and high protein diet. This is because, proteins help in building our body, giving it the much-needed strength to perform all the activities in a smooth manner. It is the protein that we get access and supply to creatine for our body. Hence, it is essential that we obtain and consume the best quality and purest form of creatine.

Understanding what is creatine nitrate

Creatine Nitrate is one of the types of creatine – containing molecules from the Nitrate group. This type of creatine has been medically and scientifically tested and has been found to be suitable as a nutritional supplement. To put it in simple terms, creatine nitrate is nothing but creatine and nitrate supplementation.

Attributes and characteristics of creatine nitrate

Although there haven’t been many scientific studies undertaken to see and verify the usefulness of creatine nitrate, nevertheless, from the very few studies so conducted, it has been successfully concluded that creatine nitrate approximately contains almost ten times the water solubility like its counterparts creatine monohydrate. So to sum up in simple terms, nearly ten times as much creatine is needed in stipulated quantity of water for sediment or precipitate to form, the more is the likelihood of that creatine nitrate to be more appetizing as compared to creatine monohydrate when consumed.

Comparison with its counterparts

Lack of research studies has been one of the crucial factors which have resulted in creatine nitrate to stay away from the health conscious people. But in some of the research studies, creatine nitrate was being compared with its counterpart, namely, creatine monohydrate about ascertaining its absorption rate. The result of this study was that almost 98% of creatine monohydrate got absorbed into the body, leaving a bare minimum of 2% which leaves the body as a byproduct. On the other hand, when the same experiment was conducted using creatine nitrate, the entire 100% of the creatine nitrate is absorbed into the body with not even 1% leaving the body as a byproduct.

 Advantages and Disadvantages

Considering the scanty research projects and studies which have been considered in this area, it is quite challenging to list down all the benefits as well as the shortcomings which creatine nitrate enjoys and suffers from. However, from these limited experiments, creatine nitrate is believed to provide its users with the following advantages:

  • Better and improved endurance for cardiovascular exercises;
  • Significant increase in stamina and strength; and
  • Efficient and effective oxygen consumption in the body.

For all the people who want to either lose weight or have the perfect body, would consider this creatine nitrate to be a blessing in disguise if it provides them with the above-mentioned health benefits. However, this is not the case because creatine nitrate suffers from some serious shortcomings as well. There were in fact, strong rumors suggesting that this component was being banned. However, it this was not the case. But owing to the limited knowledge which has been developed about creatine nitrate, the usage of this has been restricted to a great extent.

Parting advice for the health conscious people

In light of these advantages of creatine nitrate, the health conscious people may be confused whether to go in for creatine nitrate or carbon monohydrate considering that there is only a gap of 2% of absorption difference which is quite negligible. So all the weight watchers can either opt for creatine monohydrate or for creatine nitrate as both offers almost the same health benefits.

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