What is a Nootropic?

Open your mind: Nootropics 

The wonders of medication and drugs have always been incomparable. While it is widely known that having performance enhancing drugs is not the right way to go about with your exercise, your athletics and more, some drugs are not banned but merely frowned upon.

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There are others, however that are a hit with the audience but still a cause for debate amongst scientists, psychiatrists and more about the kind of effect that it has. The best known amongst these kinds of drugs is called ‘Nootropic.’ So what are Nootropics? Are they harmful? Let’s find out.

What is Nootropics? 

If the name wasn’t intriguing enough, Nootropic is a mind-enhancing drug that is useful in helping your memory, focus, concentration and more to improve. Nootropic is known more a mind enhancing supplement as opposed to a drug which is why the debates seem all the more interesting.

While most of the Nootropic supplements should be taken under the guidance of a licensed practitioner and doctor, there are many dietary supplements that can fit the bill as well. Nootropic is fascinating since they are mostly referred to as ‘smart drugs’ thanks to their cognitive enhancing powers.

The science behind this is not known exactly, but it is common knowledge that the ingredients used are based on the knowledge of which centers of the brain it would react in. While actual ‘smart drugs’ are hard to come by and have a lot of negative side effects to them once the effects wear off, Nootropic are a better bet because they double as a dietary supplement and are safe as long as they are taken responsibly.

How do they work?

Many people are under the wrong conception that Nootropics are exactly like ‘smart drugs.’ There are some very clear differences between them.

Firstly, they do not have adverse and negative side effects of the smart drugs. They are a lot more mellow and are easy to work with.

Second, Nootropics do not help you in increasing your intellect and IQ overnight. Rather, they help your concentration, focus, memory and more become better and sharper. How you use this extra help and learn is entirely up to you and not the Nootropic you have taken.

While smart drugs are either prescribed by doctors for some form of cognitive or mental disorder, Nootropics are found over the counter and can be used more regularly than the rest.

But what is a Nootropic? The way they work and to define Nootropic is hard as it is still a loose concept, but it is safe to say that they are not the same as smart drugs.

What does Nootropic mean?

The name Nootropic means ‘mind-bending’ thanks to its nature. Coined by Dr. Cornelius E. Girugea in 1972, the term was taken from Greek words. ‘Nous’ meaning mind and ‘trepin’ meaning bending were put together to mean ‘mold the mind into shape.’ Soon enough it came just to be known as Nootropics.

Do they work? 

While it can sound a little fantastical, the common question that you can find about it is, ‘do Nootropics work?Yes, Nootropics have been known to increase your focus, your concentration, your mind to absorb more knowledge and be more alert in general after its consumption.

Dietary supplements that double as Nootropics

When people are asked to spell out the Nootropic definition, it is more often than not called as a supplement. This is because many of the ingredients that are part of weight and body building supplements also work on the mind as well as the body.

Many of the ingredients that are part of Nootropics are quite common and well-known as supplements, but only a handful know about their effects on the mind and concentration. Here are some of the better known dietary supplements that can be Nootropics.

Creatine: It is surprising for many when they come to know that the primary product they use in their protein shake also works to improve their mind and memory. Tests that have been conducted prove that after consistent use of creatine over a period of six weeks saw a significant improvement in intelligence tests as well as memory.

Theanine: While not very long-lasting on the brain, theanine has been known to help improve cognitive abilities, help those with ADHD and improve sleep quality as well. Mostly found in green tea and mushrooms, theanine is also used as a dietary supplement. It also helps to prevent brain dysfunctions and stroke.

DHA: A very common type of omega-3 fatty acids, it is found largely in fish. For those who take fish oil and capsules to help their overall body health, it also plays a significant role in the way your brain function and helps with memory retention. It can also help with impairment, dementia and more although the research has been slightly contradictory.


Questions such as ‘what is nootropic‘, and the definition of nootropics can be found almost all over the internet and scientific journals in recent times. Working as a mind enhancer, Nootropics are a great way to ensure that your mind is exercised and can reach better potential albeit with a little help. While the uses of nootropics are still being debated, it has largely been well received by the audience too.

So if you are looking to enhance your mind, smart drugs are not the way to go. Nootropics have made a mark in the industry, and it sounds like it is here to stay.

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