Fish Oil and Weight Loss

Fish oil is extracted from the tissues of some fishes and is considered to be beneficial for human health. This is because of the omega three fatty acids which it contains. The two most important elements which are present in the omega three fatty acids are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The presence of these two items in the omega three fatty acids gives the fish oil its beneficial properties. The positive health benefits associated with fish oil consumption include healthy bones, mood upliftment, and aid in bodybuilding. Intake of fish oil for fat loss is also recommended. Let’s take a look at how fish oil can promote weight loss.

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Fish Oil Helps to Build Muscle

Can fish oil cause weight gain? The answer to this question is yes. But fish oil helps you to gain muscles and not fat. This is excellent news for those who are interested in body building. Consumption of fish oil can help you to gain muscles mass. Are you wondering how? Fish oil promotes the loss of excess fat in the body and contributes to replace the fat with the required muscle mass. So when you work out, the use of fish oil for weight loss will help to make your exercise programs and workout schedules more efficient. When the process of weight loss is promoted with the workouts, the consumption of fish oil supports to catalyze this process and burns of the excess fat present in the body. Therefore, fish oil and weight gain should be regarding the increase in muscles.

Fish Oil Helps to Reduce Fat storage

The properties of fish oil are such is that it aids in cutting the body fat by reducing its chances of being stored in the body. Fish oil and fat loss can be linked to the storage of fat are reduced. The entire risk that the food you eat will be stored as fat in the body drastically reduces. This happens because of insulin sensitivity, which is the body’s natural mechanism to respond to insulin. Low insulin sensitivity means that you will need a low level of insulin to regulate the blood sugar levels while high insulin sensitivity will mean that you will require a greater insulin level to control the blood sugar levels. If your cells are more sensitive to insulin, there are very fewer chances that the food you eat will be stored as fat as fish oil helps to make your cells more insulin sensitive.

Fish Oil Helps to Maintain Body Mass

The body mass index is calculated by measuring an individual’s height and weight and is one of the best ways to determine weight related problems. People who consume less fish oil have been found to have a higher BMI. This is associated with having more body weight, especially around the belly while the people who consume fish oil on a daily basis show a lower BMI, and thus have lower body weights. The perfect BMI is reported when an individual’s weight is by his or her height. When the weight to height ratio is either under or over the ideal and designated BMI limits, then the person is said to be underweight and overweight respectively.

Fish Oil Helps to Tackle Problems Related to Obesity

The problems which occur as a result of obesity are not just restricted to weight problems. In fact, obesity can also cause inflammation of joints, make the body resist insulin and also cause a spike in triglycerides. Regular doses of fish oil will help to neutralize the effects of obesity on the body. To tackle obesity, a significant change in the lifestyle is required. If you are already maintaining a rigorous exercise schedule, then you can add recommended doses of fish oil to supplement the weight loss process. Consuming 2-3 grams of fish oil every month can quickly help you to lose around 2 pounds a month.

Fish Oil can Help Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

As fish oil is known to promote weight loss, the problems which are related to weight gain are also reduced and eliminated. The risk of people suffering from heart diseases is reduced when the cholesterol content in the body is reduced. The survival rates of heart attack victims who consume fish oil are also more when compared to those who do not consume fish oil.


As seen from the above points, consuming fish oil for weight loss can be an excellent decision. For those people who cannot include fishes in their daily diet, it is recommended that they use fish oil supplements. Another reason to use supplements is that fishes may contain a high content of mercury, which can cause detrimental effects to the body. Therefore, by consuming fish oil pills and attaining weight loss, you are also saved from the dangerous mercury content.

When out to buy supplements of fish oil, one can be confused as to which brand can be the best for fish oil. You can check different blogs and reviews to get the best brand for fish oil. The main thing which you have to look for is the DHA and EPA content in every serving. The recommended dosage for DHA and EPA is around 500 milligrams per day.

There are certain disadvantages to consuming fish oil. Consumers mostly complain about the bad after taste of fish oil pills. This is the only reported disadvantage to using fish oil; otherwise, fish oil pills are completely safe for consumption, with no reported side effects. However, before commencing on the daily doses, you should first get a nutritional assessment done. You should first determine what your body is lacking and then start with using fish oil for weight loss to achieve the desired health goals.

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