Testosterone Boosters Side Effects

Most laymen have heard of testosterone and recognize it as the male hormone. It is one of the primary factors due to which men have higher muscle mass than women and are stronger. Also, fitness enthusiasts know how testosterone is useful for body building. Sadly, after a certain age, which comes too soon for many, the body’s production of testosterone goes down, and that’s when guys turn to testosterone boosters. As important as it is to know the benefits of testosterone boosters and find the best ones in the market, it is equally vital to know testosterone boosters side effects.

List of Testosterone Boosters Side Effects

Not all rosy 

You may have heard the huge bodybuilder in the gym raving about the latest testosterone booster supplement he is on. That contributes to his superior strength, totally fat-less body, and bulging muscles. Also, this guy may boast of low recovery time after a workout and an improved sex drive. Rest assured; he will always have a gaggle of fans around him waiting for his latest words of wisdom and trying to copy his every move. However, he’s not telling you the whole story. Here are a few testosterone supplements side effects that he may be concealing.


In a nutshell, this means pain in the muscles. One reason could be the uneven growth of muscles. With a testosterone booster, your muscle mass will increase, but the ligaments and tendons which attach the muscle to bone don’t see a similar increase in strength. In fact, the added stress on them can lead to painful tears. To make the ligaments and tendons stronger, you need to exercise well. Only then will you see an overall increase in your strength levels while taking care of your body.

Looking like a teenager 

One of the possible testosterone booster side effects is an outbreak of acne. Most testosterone users say they observe pimples on their backs, but it could happen anywhere on your body. You feel your skin become oily and a little red boil breaks out in a prominent location like the tip of your nose or the middle of your forehead. What an embarrassment! Such pimples can become irritating and scratchy sometimes. To get rid of them, you’ll have to try out some creams.


Some people say that they began getting headaches after starting to take testosterone supplements. Others say the frequency of their headaches increased with the use of testosterone. Not the crushing migraine-like headaches but not ones which can be ignored either. Either way, headaches are one of the testosterone side effects.

Becoming anemic

There are reports that users of testosterone supplements have seen a decrease in their hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin is an important component of blood. If this happens to you, it increases your susceptibility to infections like the flu or common cold. You may also notice yourself feeling cold when the rest of the world apparently isn’t.

Long term effects

It is possible that one of the testosterone effects may be damage to the kidneys over a period. You will not notice this immediately, but with prolonged use of these supplements, it is possible your kidney function will get affected.

Effects on others 

A known side effect of testosterone pills is an increase in aggressive behavior. This can manifest itself in various ways putting at risk yourself, your near and dear ones, or even perfect strangers. Men with already elevated levels of testosterone in their system can have a bigger problem controlling themselves.

Other effects on the brain 

Depression and anxiety, in addition to mood swings, can be possible testosterone pills side effects. As the origin of these psychological effects is difficult to trace, there is no hard proof that these are caused only by use of testosterone supplements. However, existing conditions do get exacerbated with the use of testosterone supplements.

Testosterone replacement therapy side effects 

The risk of heart problems like heart attacks, blood clots, mini-strokes, and prostate cancer goes up with the use of testosterone replacement therapy. Other risks include sleep apnea, polycythemia, and hormonal imbalance. To minimize all these, always take a second opinion before you start any replacement therapy process.

A final word 

As with all other supplements, it is important to exercise caution. Do your research thoroughly, read up the testosterone supplements review, check the ingredients, and then decide whether you want to buy it. Don’t go for the cheapest, always buy high quality organic natural products which are scientifically tested. Instead of consuming a particular herb in large quantities, it is better to consume its enhanced version to reduce the probability of side effects. Stay wary of loud, flashy advertisements in the middle of soccer games.

If you experience any of the side effects mentioned here, immediately stop using your supplements or pills and consult your doctor. Also, if you are less than 18 years old, consult a doctor before you start using any supplement.

If you are focused on burning fat in addition to increasing muscle mass, testosterone supplements are not the only products you should be considering. Take advantage of the experience available in your local gym to find out what you need to achieve your targets. All said and done, a big part of fitness is watching what you eat while giving your body the advantage of a workout. Get great deals on testosterone boosters by clicking below!


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