Should I Take Creatine Pre Or Post Workout?

If you belong to the world of bodybuilders, then you would surely be familiar with the significance of certain supplements. And, there is no denying the fact that Creatine is one such supplement that has gained immense popularity over the past few years because of the output that it has to give. It is a scientifically proved supplement that helps in improving strength as well as enhancing muscle size.

Despite all the criticism coming its way, Creatine has never lagged behind when it comes to working in the interest of workout freaks. Nevertheless, as far as the consumption is concerned, there have always been different views about the benefits of taking Creatine pre or post workout.

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What is the appropriate time of taking Creatine? Is it before the workout session or after the session? Is the perception of the gym addicts different from the reality? Nobody will disagree with the truth that regardless of offering muscle-building benefits, Creatine has also to provide anti-aging, cell protection capabilities, and memory support. Hence, why to take Creatine does hold no power anymore. Instead, in such a scenario, finding out an accurate time for its consumption has become consequential. Therefore, this post will remove your all the doubts regarding ‘When’ related to Creatine.

Should I Take Creatine Pre Or Post Workout?

Taking before Workout

Since you need to attain increased energy level and want your muscles to work harder, and Creatine offers these benefits, so you may not find it unreasonable to consume it before working out, isn’t it? Also, in this way, you get an opportunity to increase the number of reps and sets so as to grow the muscles bigger. If you take Creatine an hour before the workout session, then your body gets a chance to absorb Creatine and use it to restock the decreased Creatine into Muscles.

However, on the other hand, taking Creatine pre workout may cause side-effects. There have been incidences of nausea, muscle cramps, vomiting, and high blood pressure. These frequencies may prevent your workout limits. Moreover, Creatine may compel your muscles to soak up water from the rest of the body, which in turn will leave you dehydrated. Thus, you would have to drink plenty of water.

Taking after Workout

There are some of the Creatine supplements that are specifically manufactured for the post workout consumption. These supplements are produced with the amalgamation of Creatine with other such ingredients that have proved out to be highly effective. However, as far as the consumption of solely Creatine is concerned, then it is quite advantageous. The muscles find it easier to absorb and use Creatine post workout session. Since an exercise session decreases the Creatine present in muscles, hence, they can readily accept the nutrients from the Creatine supplement. On the top of that, it also helps the muscles to recover quickly after a tedious workout session. Furthermore, you can increase the effectiveness of Creatine by consuming it along with the post-workout meal.

Still, there are some of the side-effects that you may experience. But, they will be mild and won’t create any hassle in your workout sessions. Again, you would have to consume a lot of water if you want to neglect dehydration and muscle cramp.


So, these reasons mentioned above have been supported by most of the researchers and Creatine consumers. Although, the weight of taking Creatine post workout is more than pre workout, however, it is highly recommended to consume Creatine whenever it works for you. If not, then taking up Creatine both pre and post workout will not be harmful, either. Mix it up with your drink, and you are sure to gain all the benefits offered by the supplement. When it comes to regular dosage, then 5 grams regularly is the adequate quantity for Creatine Monohydrate. And, as far as the Creatine HCL is concerned, then you can consume 1.5 – 2 grams.

If you have just started taking up Creatine, then you can consume the prescribed significant amount for the initial seven days. However, it won’t be much effective afterward. Therefore, you can consume a small quantity of Creatine pre or post workout sessions, which will help you in saving your money, as well.

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