Nootropics Side Effects

What are Nootropics?

There are two kinds of supplements, one used for enhancing the body mass and the second ones are used to enhance mental and cognitive functions. These are known as nootropics. In prescribed dosages, nootropics are claimed to work wonders for your brain, improving your mental state by promoting cognitive functioning and keeping your brain healthy so that your concentration, focus, and analytical power increases.

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Promoters of Nootropics claim that there are no side effects caused by nootropics as such, but some studies have proven to be otherwise. Since one of the major qualifications to be labeled as a nootropic is that the drug should not have any toxic effect on the brain and many people are worried about the potential side effects caused by nootropics.

Potential Side Effects of Nootropics

  • Alteration of Brain Chemistry: Brain scans have revealed that some areas of the brain show signs of shrinking and expanding when on nootropics. Studies have also shown the effects on the brain when the person is on nootropics and when the dosage is discontinued. When nootropics are taken during the phase of brain development, there might be certain alterations in the brain connections. Although the use of nootropics is safe, there might be chances of brain connections not being formed, especially during the teenage years.  Although the human brain is said to have been fully developed by the age of 25, the use of nootropics may hamper overall growth in teenagers and young adults.
  • Cognitive Deficiency: Researchers have compared the use of nootropics to that of nicotine. Nicotine boosts cognitive functions during the initial intake, but after a couple of weeks, when cognitive stability is achieved, the person will require the same amount of nicotine to perform normal cognitive functions. This may impair cognitive functions as users may adapt themselves to the drug.
  • The toll on the nervous system: Certain nootropics boost your capacity to stay alerted; however, this may take a toll on the body. Nootropics boost your body’s ability to create more energy when you are tired. This may disrupt the regular rhythm, of the body and may cause of taking a toll on the nervous system and could also accelerate aging.
  • Drug Dependency: There are high possibilities that when someone is getting positive results with the nootropics, they might continue with the dosage and therefore become dependent on the dosages to do normal work since their functioning gets impaired without the regular dosages of nootropics.
  • Memory damage: Researchers are speculating that nootropics side effects may include loss of memory. This is because some like natured drugs like benzodiazepines and other antidepressant drugs have linked to causing dementia in people.
  • Chemical Interactions: There is a high possibility that the nootropics which are consuming may interact with other pharmaceuticals which are consuming. The result would be detrimental to the state of the body and may cause highly fatal results. This is one of the major dangers of nootropics.
  • Problems related to sleep: Other side effects include problems being experienced during sleep. Nootropics promote dreaming. However, dosages may cause overwhelming dreams which may be a little difficult to comprehend. “Safe nootropics,” as described by many websites may also disrupt sleep patterns thus leading to fatigue and tiredness.


The potential side effects of nootropics are many, but there is not enough scientific evidence to back this. A thorough research into the subject, “Are nootropic safe? should be undertaken to decide whether the degree of danger of the side effects of nootropics.

If you are planning to commence nootropics supplements, then the first thing which you need to do is get a whole body scan. Consult your physician whether you are actually in need of any cognitive supplementary drugs. Only after prescription should you proceed to commence the dosages. It is highly recommended that you opt for brands after a thorough research into the different variants of nootropics available in the market so that you don’t experience detrimental nootropics side effects. You can start by searching for the most popular nootropics brands and comparing them by reading reviews and consulting fitness and medical experts about the contents of the supplements.

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