Does Creatine Cause Weight Gain?

For all those people who think that Creatine is a synthetic substance, then it is straightforwardly wrong because this is a material that can be found in muscle cells naturally. If you are involved in the world of bodybuilders or athletes, then you obviously would have an idea of the amount of energy that is required while heavy lifting or doing the exercise of high-intensity. All these activities naturally demand a lot of energy. And, Creatine assists muscles to produce high-level of energy while conducting these tasks. There are some specific food items from where you can gain Creatine. On the other hand, there are some prominent supplements available in the market as well that have been specially produced for providing you an adequate amount of Creatine. If you are dubious concerning the Creatine weight gain, then keep on reading and know the facts behind this question.

Muscletech creatineCreatine is mixed up in creatine phosphate system. In this system, Creatine Phosphate and Creatine contribute or accept a phosphate group in a way that can be exchanged. This phosphate group can willingly recharge other molecules that would require a renewal. Furthermore, ATP is the prominent energy source of a cell. Hence, Creatine allows you to renew ATP and that too, without breaking the molecules. Howbeit, one of the frequently asked questions is whether Creatine causes weight gain or not? There is no denying the fact that Creatine elevates energy and endurance level, but does it also increase weight? Read ahead and know about it.

Truth behind Creatine Weight Gain

Being the most researched and the prominent supplement, Creatine is useful for all the bodybuilders and athletes. Be that as it may, there are innumerable people who dread consuming Creatine because they think that this supplement will probably make them fat. But, what is the truth behind this perception? Creation is full of various positive aspects. The benefits that you can easily gain by consuming this supplement are fast muscle growth, increased metabolic rate, increased workout intensity, significant muscular gains, and improved muscular contraction.

As far as gaining weight from this supplement is concerned, then it usually does not happen the way it has been interpreted. Just because this supplement can be utilized for maintaining the endurance level and muscle strength; hence, it will assist you in losing weight and not the other way around. While you are taking up Creatine at the time of exercising; thus you will be gaining muscle weight and not the fat weight. The more you will gain muscles; the more your weight will increase. However, it is nowhere related to the fat weight.

Moreover, some people also think that they will lose muscles if they will stop taking Creatine. Again, this is not the fact. Your muscle mass and the strength will remain constant as long as you don’t give up exercising. If you have a lean body and want to look tougher and sturdier, then Creatine can be the best supplement to consume as it draws H2O into your muscles, which in turn will result in water-weight gain and will make the muscles look bigger.


Creatine is probably the only supplement with the higher number of scientific research. Still, after many types of research and positive & negative verdicts, there are a lot of people who take it as just another supplement. These are those who are either new in the world of bodybuilding or those who are misinformed. And then, there are some such people as well who think that only a certain type of people may get benefit from Creatine.

As far as the fat weight is concerned, then this post would have removed all the doubts regarding this misconception prevailing in the world of athletics and workout freaks. Creatine also causes water retention; thus it is extremely recommended to drink an adequate amount of water while on Creatine to prevent bloating. Also, there may be some such days where you would have to stop taking Creatine for a certain period.

In the end, it was all about Creatine weight gain. Creatine offers more energy and improves performance so that you can have extra vigor and vitality while putting in efforts in the gym.

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