Carlson Fish Oil Review

Fish oil supplements are known to offer some health benefits, like promoting cardiovascular health, immune system, brain and nerve, joints, vision, and skin. But with so many different types of fish oil supplements available in the market, how will you choose one that is safe and efficient? To make the selection process easier for you, we will review one of the best fish oil supplements from Carlson Labs.  
The Very Finest Liquid Fish Oil Supplement from Carlson Labs is a well-known supplement and has thousands of positive reviews on the internet. In this Carlson Fish Oil Review, we will have a look at the factors that make it such a popular and useful product.


Healthy Dosage of Omega-3 Fatty Acids- The liquid supplement is made from mackerel and anchovies and also contains Vitamin E for keeping the fish oil fresh. Each teaspoon of this Carlson Fish Oil Liquid Supplement contains 1,600mg of Omega-3 fatty acids with EPA and DHA. While the minimum recommendation of EPA and DHA in a day is 500mg, this liquid supplement contains a total of 1,300mg of pure EPA and DHA in each teaspoon.

Excellent Lemon Taste- A lot of people who consume fish oil supplements prefer consuming them in soft gel form as the liquid form is known to have a bad taste. However, some Carlson Fish Oil review agree that the lemony taste of this liquid supplement is excellent. Apart from lemon, it is also available in orange flavor.

Guaranteed Potency and Purity- The supplement is packaged in Norway at world-class facilities to make sure that the supplement retains its purity and potency. Moreover, the supplement is also tested regularly by AOAC protocols to ensure maximum strength. It has already won several awards in the supplement industry for its effectiveness and taste. Rest assured as you’ll only receive this supplement in the fresh and pure condition.

Easy to Consume- The liquid form of this fish oil supplement is far better than soft gels and is also more efficient. Moreover, it also reduces your exposure to animal-based collagen and gelatin which a lot of manufacturers use for creating soft gels.


Favorite Fish Oil Supplement- Carlson Fish Oil Lemon supplement is one of the most popular fish oil supplements and has several positive reviews on the internet. Carlson Labs has been manufacturing high-quality fish oil and other supplements for a long time and has an excellent reputation in the industry. You can purchase this supplement with confidence and rest assured as it will provide you with the best results.

Free from Side-Effects- While the supplement provides a healthy dosage of Omega-3 fatty acids and several reviews agree that it is highly effective, none of the reviews suggest that the supplement results in any side-effects. There are many other fish oil supplements which result in a variety of side-effects, but such cases have never been recorded with this Carlson Labs supplement.

Cost-Effective- While the cost of this Carlson liquid fish oil supplement can be higher than some fish oil soft gel supplements, if the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids is taken into consideration, it proves to be a more cost-effective. The recommended dosage of this supplement is one teaspoon (5ml) in a day, and a 500ml bottle contains 100 dosages which can last for more than three months.

Superior Taste Award- The supplement has received a Superior Taste Award by the International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels. As compared to other liquid fish oil supplements, the taste of this Carlson Fish Oil Supplement is far better, and there is no fish aftertaste which is a common problem with some other supplements.


  • Brand- Carlson Laboratories
  • Available in- 200ml and 500ml bottle
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids in 1 Teaspoon- 1,600mg
  • Flavor- Lemon and Orange
  • Liquid form is easy to consume
  • Each teaspoon contains 1,600mg of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Excellent taste
  • Guaranteed purity and potency
  • Bottled in Norway
  • No fishy aftertaste
  • Cost-effective

  • Should be stored in refrigerator
  • Some of the reviews have mentioned that the cap of the bottle doesn’t screw properly
  • No lab reports confirming the effectiveness of supplement


If fish oil soft gels are not your thing and you don’t want to consume supplement multiple times in a day, this Carlson Labs Very Finest Liquid Fish Oil supplement can be an excellent choice. It has an amazing lemony taste and contains healthy amounts of EPA and DHA. Moreover, as the supplement is in liquid form, it is very easy to consume and is readily absorbed by the body to offer maximum benefits.

While there are no lab reports to confirm the effectiveness of this supplement, thousands of users agree that it is indeed very powerful and has a great taste.

While all the important aspects of this supplement are discussed in this Carlson Fish Oil Review, you can send your queries and share your experience of using this supplement with the help of the comments section available below. And if you are looking for other fish oil supplements, do visit other pages of our website as we’ve reviewed some of the best ones available on the market.

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