What is B12 Good For?

The Importance of B12

Your body is a powerhouse. Not only do you have a large number of cells performing complicated procedures such as keeping your heart beating, breathing, digesting, and thinking and more, it is being done so simultaneously. If this was not mind-boggling enough, your body could do a lot more such as give birth, run, dance, sing, exercise and so much more.

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While all of this is quite amazing, not everyone stops to think about how this occurs. With the focus being on ambitions, goals and more, the fascination that is your body is not given a second thought. One of the main reasons why all these activities are possible is energy. Everyone is well-aware of energy and the need for it in our day-to-day lives, but the production of this energy is still a mystery to many. With physics explaining the different types of energy available in the world, the key one everyone seems to miss out on is the one in your body.

This energy is consumed largely through different types of food and beverages. One of the biggest sources of energy that is derived is from vitamins, particularly the B12.

So what is it and where to get vitamin B12 from?

Unlike all the other vitamins, B12 is not found in a varied number of items. Commonly found in animal meat and products such as meat, eggs, dairy, fish and more B12 is a great source of energy to many. Since it is found only in animal products, vegetarians have a hard time consuming the same and have little vitamin b12. This can be accessed through symptoms such as exhaustion, low energy, rapid heartbeat, sleeplessness and more.

Benefits of b12 vitamins have been known by nutrients and dieticians for a while now, and their popularity is spreading across the world. They are known to help the immune system as well as serve your brain, contribute to making DNA and even help run your metabolism. Being one of the most important vitamins out there, more and more people are looking to get the same as benefits of b12 supplements.

While the health benefits of vitamin b12 are high, not many people are aware of it. So, here is a compiled list of all the things B12 can do and why it is important for your body:

What is B12 good for? 

Increases energy 

B12 is critical as it is one of the building blocks of the body. Along with that, it helps to turn your food and carbs into glucose. This, in turn, helps your body increase the energy levels and getting rid of fatigue and exhaustion from your body.

Happy brain  

If you have low levels of vitamin b12, you can expect to feel more depressed and sad often. One of the benefits of b12 vitamins is that you can look after your brain as it reduces shrinkage helps to regulate the blood in your nervous system and gets rid of your depression as well.

Fights cancer 

When you have natural b12 as part of your diet or as a supplement, you are prudently helping your immunity get stronger and can protect your body against different types of cancer. Healthy levels of vitamin b12 levels in your body can mean your body is protected against lung, prostate, breast and colon cancer amongst others.

Keep your glow 

Vitamin b12 supplements is a good idea for those with b12 deficiency. This is because it helps to renew your cells and helps with their production which in turn gives you great skin, nails, and hair too.

Stronger stomach  

While many people think that vitamin b12 is for the energy they forget about the kind of repair it can do to your stomach lining. It helps your digestive system run smoothly and can curb all the different problems your stomach faces in a jiffy.

Gives a boost 

While you already know that b12 gives you energy, many don’t realize how important it is for the body. If you are feeling constantly tired, then you might have a b12 deficiency. Make sure that you swap the energy drinks and the caffeine with some b12 vitamin supplement and you can see the difference almost immediately!

Calms the mind 

More often than not, B12 is better for your body than any medication you might take. If you are feeling sluggish and depressed, b12 is the answer. Coupled with this, if you are experiencing severe mood swings, make sure that you consult your physician before taking the correct dose of b12. Not only does it help your brain stay healthy but it also calms the mind down easily.

Lower risk of birth defects 

Since b12 is an important part down to the cellular level of our bodies, many expecting mothers are urged to consume b12 in their diet or the form of supplements. This is because it helps with the formation of the DNA of the unborn child and can reduce the risk of any birth defects such as Down’s Syndrome and more. This is just another of the vitamin b12 benefits that makes it so valuable.

Metabolise proteins  

When you are low on vitamin b12, you do not realize the importance of it until many years later. Since b21 is good for the digestive system, it can help in the breaking down of proteins and make sure that they reach different areas of the body. This gives you strength and energy, but if you are running low, you will not realize until it is a little too late.

Prevent Alzheimer’s 

If you are worried about getting Alzheimer’s when you are older, or you already have a family history of it, the future can be quite terrifying. However, b12 has proven to be an excellent preventive measure. Make sure that you add more b12 in your diet but instead of going for liquid vitamin b complex, try an all-natural diet.

Reduce Blood Pressure 

One of the biggest problems that are faced by people in current times is high blood pressure. This is due to a stressed work life and a common problem in current times. B12 is a good regulator of blood pressure so the more you consume of it, the better you and your heart will feel.

Prevents strokes 

Like Alzheimer’s if your family has a history of getting strokes, then this is one vitamin you really should not miss out on. When you have good vitamin b12 levels, your arteries are clear which highly reduces the risk of strokes.


While it is one of the most important vitamins that you must consume to have a healthy body, it is not the only one. Most of the time, the vitamins work better when they are consumed in appropriate amounts. With B12 being one of the most important building blocks of your body, make sure that you add more of it to your diet, and you can see the difference it makes instantaneously.

A good diet will consist of ample amounts of b12 so if you are a vegetarian, b12 supplements should be a must to make sure that your body is healthy and happy. Try it today, and you will not want to stop!

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