Alpha Brain Review

What is Alpha Brain?

Alpha brain is a supplement which helps to enhance your focus. This is done by providing your body with oxygen and other vital nutrients. The supplement is composed of a mixture of different nutrients which are essential to the brain. Once these nutrients are in the body, the result is increased focus, energy and enhanced memory. All you need to do is take a pill in which all these nutrients are combined, and you will focus like never before. This alpha brain review will tell you everything you need to know about the focus enhancing supplement.


How does Alpha Brain Work? 

Alpha Brain is a collection of all the essential nutrients which are required by the brain to improve your focus and cognitive abilities. Manufacturers of Alpha Brain claim that the nutrients present in the supplement promote each other’s functions. Alpha Brain can improve your blood flow and helps all the necessary nutrients to reach the brain, along with the much-needed oxygen. This puts your body in a state of well-being by increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin. This alpha brain Nootropic review will provide you with the much-needed information about the supplement.

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The main ingredients in Alpha Brain are Vitamin B-6 and AC-11. These two essentials are blended with three different formulas which include:

Onnit Fuel Blend: This contains L-Leucine, Vinpocetine, and Pterostilbene. Vinpocetine helps to increase the oxygen delivery to the brain. This improves blood circulation. Pterostilbene acts an antioxidant.

Onnit Flow Blend: This contains L-Tyrosine, an amino acid which is extremely helpful in boosting cognitive functionality. L-Theanine is also found in green tea. It is easy to absorb by the body and helps to promote the wellness and energy levels. Oatstraw Extract (Avena sativa) is known to give the body a good neurological response and helps as a stress management nutrient too. The last ingredient in the Flow Blend is Phosphatidylserine.

Onnit Focus Blend: This contains L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC), Bacopa monniera Extract and Huperzia Serrata Extract. The central part of this particular blend is Alpha GPG because the body readily absorbs it. Once it is absorbed, it helps in the synthesis of acetylcholine. The Huperzia Serrata prevents acetylcholine from breaking down.

Advantages of Alpha Brain

  • Better Focus and cognitive ability: The ingredients used in Alpha Brain help to increase your blood flow to the brain. In this way, all the essential nutrients are supplied to the brain along with the much-needed oxygen.
  • Better memory: Alpha Brain also helps to boost your memory. You can remember some things. The ingredients present in Alpha Brain will help you to work with an overall better memory function.
  • Better sleep: While it is true that Alpha Brain contributes to boosting overall memory and focus but it also helps you to enter into a state of calm. This will help you to get better sleep once you are done with the work.
  • Better Analytical power: With Alpha Brain, your analytical ability reaches a better level. This is good for those who need to think and respond quickly to certain jobs. The ingredients supply the brain with all the nutrients and oxygen it needs thus improving your analytical ability.
  • Promotes lucid dreaming: Dreaming is a sign of a healthy brain. When you can control your dream, it is called lucid dreaming. Many people can train their brains to lucid dream. Alpha Brain also promotes lucid dreaming.

Cons of Alpha Brain

While there are some positive benefits of Alpha Brain, there are certain side effects too.

  • Headaches: Alpha Brain may cause headaches in some people. This is because of the stimulus of acetylcholine production. Excess of acetylcholine is what may cause headaches after certain dosages.
  • Uncomfortable dreaming: Since Huperzia Serrata promotes lucid dreaming, some people may experience vivid dreams. This may get to a level where dreaming starts to get a little uncomfortable.
  • Not recommended for people with low blood pressure: The Vinpocetine contained in Alpha Brain is known to increase the oxygen supply to the brain. This is not good for people with lower blood pressure. Since blood flow is improved, the heart rate may increase. Therefore it is not recommended for people with low blood pressure.
  • High Cost: Nutrition supplement critics consider Alpha Brain to be one of the most expensive focus and cognition-enhancing supplement, with claims that there are better supplements available in the market and for a lower price.


While Alpha Brain has been reported with positive feedbacks from many users, it remains a supplement. They key to find out whether the supplement is working or is it just a placebo. Some nutrition experts say that there are better supplements available for lower costs. However, one should not directly start with the supplement use. Make sure you consult your physician or nutritionist before starting with any supplements. Hope this Alpha Brain review was helpful.

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